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#25035 by joeghi
Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:28 pm
hi everyone,

why I'm selling it:
i bought the grizzly sluice box last year with the intention of packing it into remote areas and setting it up quickly and running material. it does set up quickly, i would say in about 2 minutes maybe less once you get it down. the packing it in part is why I'm selling. i hike in about 4 miles off the beaten to some of my spots and the shape makes it hard to fit in a backpack. it weighs about 14 pounds which isn't a problem.

Ive used it 3 times and it is in near perfect condition, no dings or damage of any kind.

Performance: i first used it on a creek that is known for not having hardly any gold and found 3 micron pieces in the concentrates. then i went to another area and used it and didn't find anything panning or using the sluice, in this case there just wasn't any gold were i was. third was same place as the second spot and no surprise, nothing. i would note that the second classifying screen got clogged and needed to be cleaned off periodically.
so my conclusion is that if i found those micron pieces it probably would catch the bigger ones as well.

for pictures and more info on the product, here is a link to the manufacturer's website:

asking price:
i paid $450 dollars for it and i would like to get some of my money back out of it. make me an offer.
i will gladly answer all of your questions.
thanks, -Joe


#25163 by Navydude
Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:15 pm
I'm selling mine too, too heavy for my fat out-of-shape body. I'm putting it on Craigslist next week......probably only gonna get 70% of what I paid for it.

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