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#26946 by ginterloren
Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:15 pm
The New 49ers is an amazing club, the headquarters is based in Happy Camp, California. Smack dab in the middle of gold country. It was my first season and the more you learn the better gold you WILL find !! The club has over 60 miles of claims along the Klamath and Salmon rivers. If you are familiar with the area there are several claims on the Scott River, Elk Creek, Indian Creek and a large claim on Thompson Creek. There are several feeder creeks replenishing the rivers with fresh gold every year, rain and snow melt runoff make this occur. I actually have been in Happy Camp for the last year and experienced EVERYTHING. The beauty alone will make you fall in love, some of the most scenic areas around. There is a claim or two in Arizona, two or three in Oregon and they are currently working on getting over 20 miles of claims along the S. Umpqua river in Oregon(still no word on that), providing opportunities for you dredgers out there ! There are plenty of group activities during the summer months which is basically a hands on training and what better way to learn than from some of the clubs top guys !! Here is the link to the club It is too much to take in at once but I would suggest clicking on mining properties and then the master list of mining properties and you will see just how many amazing claims you will have access to. You can contact me for further questions or contact the club yourself. This was a dream for me to chase gold and I didn't mean to stay there a year. It has been very hard to pry myself away from this place but now I have to get a job. I have had enough fun and memories for a lifetime but I will be back soon !! If this is a dream of yours, I would definitely recommend the New 49ers !! Gold fever is hard to shake !
Well, I tried to upload some pics of some gold found along the Klamath with no luck. My 4G device isn't even running at a 3G speed !? Very frustrating !! If you are interested in seeing some of the gold found just ask me I can send them in an e-mail better ! There was nothing amazing but I was starting to identify flood layers and the colors associated with them and also had some luck vacuuming and crevicing bedrock well above the river- way up !! Just when I was finding good color it was time to get out of there !! Gold is on the move again sitting at over $1,616 at the moment !! I am asking $1,700 OBO There is a $50 membership transfer fee which I will take care of.


#26951 by goldnsands1
Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:06 am
I plan to buy a lifetime membership, somewhere down the road. I've been offered them at 1,300 - 2500 over the past year, but it's not in my budget yet, unless a monthly payment could be reached. I have a few more years to retirement at best, in this economy. It would be feasible to stay on this claim and that claim in a motor home and afford to still eat on a fixed income, while slowly piling up a little gold to sell from time to time as needed. But, dreams and situations change..Hmmm, but it still sounds like "The golden years to me" (No pun intended) Most of us heading up there in years know that the so called golden years nowadays means working to survive until the day you simply stop surviving. Yeah, doesn't sound to "golden" to me. For now I just enjoy getting out of Dodge and enjoying the fresh air, scenery and finding a little color to add to the vile. If you're in a position to take advantage of this offer and love prospecting, this could be just the ticket for you. Retirement to me (having a little something, social security, disabilty or whatever you can count on every month) coming in, can possibly afford you the courage and opportunity to pursue prospecting or whatever, you want to do with the rest of your life, because after all, that's why you've busted your ass for all these years.
#26964 by ginterloren
Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:52 pm
Well, if you want you can send me an e-mail to to see what kind of payments you might be talking about. There is some camping space on most all of the claims. I do not know the specifics, seasonal, etc. and it is usually first come, first served. Thanks for looking, Loren
#31528 by xjbeard62
Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:30 pm
Seems that we are going through the same thing that we did in the "70"s, all our "buddies from the great state of California are coming in by the groves to take advantage of our "better state laws" here in Oregon. Just like the great land grab of the 70" for cheap housing now they are buying up our mining claims and starting new expensive out of state "exclusive clubs"
seems that they have screwed up their state with all of this bs about how we harm the rivers and fish, Sorry guys I say stay home leave us to our own state and try to get your laws put back in order to benefit their states citizens and leave us alone. I mean,! Medford is a freaking mess now because of this pls take care of your own back yard first
#31534 by milwaukie_gold
Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:30 pm
miners have to do what miners have to do..
If the influx of Cali dredgers bothers poeple so much they should be mad at the law makers..not the guys trying to Exercise their natural born rights...
If Oregon bans it..are you done?

I'd flow into Idaho or Washington with the quickness and I KNOW many others that would as well.
#31535 by mendoAu2
Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:55 pm
.....ummm, could that be droves?? Tell it to UofO.( ... e-tuition/) Anyhow, just to clarify a couple things and not hi-jack this thread, that is a fair price for a lifetime membership. Let's just break it down...10 years at $170 is not an over the top amount to pay for the access the New 49er's have available. You certainly can't buy a decent claim for that either here in Oregon or Calif.. They also have a "pay as you go" plan. I believe it's like 200.00 down and $25.00 a month. Far from exclusive. I think I've made myself clear as to how I feel about this "stay in your own neck of the woods" attitude...check my posts. Miners coming to Oregon in droves may very well be what this State needs to fight the approaching waves of bills coming to the Oregon State Capital which has it's own well established horde of less than insightful congresspersons. This deep seated attitude of "state immigration" has been going on since the Mexican land grants were walked all over by our very own "Oregon/Calif. desendents". Iowa born and proud of it, but would hate to have to locate gold in them darn corn fields. Miners have always gone where the mining is for whatever reason is on the agenda at the time.
#31616 by xjbeard62
Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:09 pm
they should hit their state government in the knee caps and not let up...... but it seems to be easier to just migrate to another state with more common sense laws, the only problem I see is, with this much of an influx of out of state immigrants its that just like the housing boom of the 70's in Medford, along come the lawyers and tree huggers and soon we all will pay the price, just like California has! Im not a people hater guys, But the saying "one bad apple" applies here, if you come up to our state your welcome, but do it with some common sense, take care of your areas , clean up after your self, and "others" that are not so good, take out what you pack in and most of all please pay attention to our laws...... after all we and our state government appreciate the money that you spend in our communities because you cant spend it in california !
#32879 by tanglefoot
Tue May 07, 2013 10:31 am
To the so called invasion of californians, I say if you are a miner welcome ,if you are a tree hugger stay there I don't want you. The state line is jut a invisible line in the sky, The only problem that i seen last year was Californians tied up there dredges in great dredging areas and then left till the weekend. It was tempting to cut them loose but i cold not do that to anyone!. There a lot of great people down there like here, but there are the BUTT HOLS to the later stay there and keep ruining your own state.
i made a great big mistake and moved down there for 6 months, I have never in my life seen so many rude inconsiderate people in my life. With the exception of Astoria Oregon and i was born and raised within 40 miles of that stinking town. If your not a tourist or in with right group then you are nothing and that is the way that the wife and I were treated in Astoria and northern cal. We are Americans and should not argue with one another the government does a good enough job with that :!: All done with my big mouth but had to say what i think. not meaning to hurt anyone's feelings if i did sorry but i say what I think :D

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