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#31015 by Digger64
Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:04 pm
There is this certain soccer field across the street (East) from the old elementary school in downtown Central Point...built 1908. I pulled dozens of old silver coins and a few gold rings out of there in the '90's. It was once the football field with wooden grand stands, until they burnt down long ago.

The grounds in front of the school were good too (North & East), giving up coins back into the 1800's, but last time I was down there I saw that area had been completely covered in new buildings and landscaping. At least I rescued some of the goodies from there first!

If you have a good modern detector (mine is a 1993 Eagle Spectrum) you may be able to pull more silver that I missed from that soccer field. Good luck.
#32184 by Beebe1224
Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:54 am
Hello there-
Again I am probably late on this response as I responded to your other post about 100 dollar gold detectors. The answer to this question is really broad and it depends on what your detecting. Im not a major coin and relic hunter just gold nuggets personally. I can tell you though with regards to nugget hunting in Southern Oregon you cannot go wrong. Its second only to Baker County in Eastern Oregon in quantity and quality of gold. Just about every stream, river, and gulch in the southwest region of Oregon has gold. Many of them are quite rich. The Rogue,Illinois,Wolf,Gold,Josephine,Althouse creeks and rivers are just a few that can keep you busy for a hundred years. The entire Applegate district is a prospectors paradise. Look for old tailing piles for nugget hunting. Some of these tailings are 200 yards long and 50 yards tall. There that big. Make sure you have a great pick...something like an APEX with the 3 super strong rare earth magnets in them for quick and easy retrievel of targets and or trash. Some of the ground down in southern oregon is quite hot with serpentine so I normally use the whites TDI or Minelab GPX pulse induction units down there. You can get away with a Gold Bug II, GMT, or MXT and be quite successful though if you know how to balance out hot rocks and keep your gain down lower so your unit doesn't overload and whine too hard from the heavy minerlizationl. The old saying "go where gold has been found before" applies here big time. When I first started and people told me that I wanted to punch them I was so sick of hearing that lame ass response. But the more experienced you get you realize how true it is. There are no new gold fields out there just waiting for you to discover. There are hiddend patches within those fields though that are waiting for you to hit with a patient swing. Pick a creek down there and study the TOPO maps a grip. Grab a small shooter coil like a 4X6 or something of that nature and hit the creek beds on decomposing bedrock and cracks. Walk up and down some of the steep gulches (using a slightly larger coil) and sweep them slowly. Most people are too lazy to sweep these areas because they require a ton of exercise and work. This is where the big gold is. Last year I swept to gulches along Josephine Creek that were out of the way and tough to walk. I found a 2.7 gram nugget. 2 1 gram nuggets, and my trophy 1/2 ounce nugget in two days. Plus I found a whole host of smaller flake nuggets and 2 small pieces of a rare rock called Josephinite. Its like a meteor and only found here in the world. Its worth as much as gold! Hope this helps
Wild Willy
#35000 by Shiny_Jim
Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:36 pm
Great information there Wild Willy, thanks for the detailed info!

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