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#18958 by joeghi
Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:54 pm
just got my grizzly sluice in the mail today. very well built but not sure if it was worth the 500 dollars. i guess ill find out this weekend. ill post info on Monday. -joe


#18960 by English
Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:43 pm
How can you know unless you can tell, somehow, how much gold you're loosing (if any) compared to the A52. As you know, there's no sluice that'll guarantee you more gold passing through it; so I'd suggest packing them both in and running 5 to 10 BBs through each, along with the material. You'll need about the same angle and water flow through both. The one with the most BBs win. In the event of a tie (or if the A52 wins), then no, it PROBABLY wasn't worth the money. PROBABLY because the BBs test is not a gold "fines" method. Gold fines can be tested the same way but you may loose a little gold unless you catch the run-off. Only a suggestion. Whatever test method(s) you use I'm looking forward to your report.
#18967 by Justinsane
Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:28 am
I would forget about that bb test and just do what I do in a "controlled area" I use .050 or lower nuggets to test my equipment out and see if there is any success...that grizzly sluice looks pretty darn cool and I've watched that video for it. All in all what works best for one doesn't work best for all.let me know how the grizzly sluice works out for you. Cheers
#18977 by joeghi
Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:47 pm
ive been mining in the area for quit a while with the keene sluice and have had ok results. part of the problem with a sluice of any kind is getting the waterflow right and setting it up (stacking rocks). so that is my primary reason for posting this, to see which one has more bang for the buck in terms of operational time and efficiency, and yes i will also do a gold test. even if the grizzly turns out to be less efficient (which i doubt) the amount of time you save by just putting it down and getting to work will inevitably get you more gold. will post results on monday. -joe
#19036 by 4theluvofgold
Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:11 am
That is definitely one thing that will make a difference, getting it in and going. If you take an extra hour to setup the flow to be right, or the area is further away from your area and lugging the material over to the sluice is all time loss and extra labor involved. Those accumulate quickly to time lost prospecting and actual mining. Even at 500 an A52 is 100 bucks so its 1/5 the cost, will only be 1/4 oz of gold to recover the difference. That time will add up, hopefully efficiency will just make it that much better towards the benefit as well.

Looking forward to results
#19057 by joeghi
Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:22 pm
well, my testing plans didn't go as expected...

i left to go camping and mining at around noon and figured when i got to my best spot on the river ( which also happens to be a campground ) i would just pull in and get to work. but to my surprise, all the campsites were full and there were people everywhere. i go up to this spot almost every weekend all year round, and the first weekend that has some descent weather, people that have never been there before flock to the area and set up their tents, go figure. so anyway, i was forced to keep driving up the road and camp at another creek ( which is notable for hardly even having micron gold). for camping this spot was great, no people, big area, just a nice place, but... never found gold there. so i set up the grizzly which took about 30 seconds and got to work. i worked for about 3 hours and and ended up with three pieces of micron gold ( and i mean micron). it may not sound like much but trust me, for this creek thats not bad. it also recovered a good amount of black sand which leads me to believe that had there been gold i would have found it.

the problems were...

the second screen gets full of material so it needs to be cleaned off with something, i used a window squeegee and it worked ok. the only other thing was that when dumping the buckets of water, the water had to be poured slowly and steadily, not in big amounts at once or else the riffles get washed out. after about 10 minutes of experimenting i had it figured out. i dont have any final conclusions as of this point because of the fact that i didnt get very much gold. when i get access to my spot ill find out and report the findings. -joe

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