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#22142 by alaskaflounder
Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:47 pm
Heard they had a bad falling out, going onto other people's claims, no access to claims they had, no real history of gold in the area other than they were geographically close to known areas, and finally heard that they sold out some of the claims to the GPAA in exchange for memberships. Granted, this is all gossip, but make sure you do your homework before giving ANYBODY your money.
#22157 by tdbear
Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:35 pm
I was semi interested, up so I did some researching on claims they have and have abandoned recentely and I'm not quite sure what their deal was. They had quite a few on Idigo creek that have been let go. Now seem to be going after Silver creek now. Area they have up for lease is at the mouth of N silver creek and is a long trip from civilization and then another mile jaunt down a 1500' dive into that deep crevice. Could possibly have some material worth working but probably need to have a helicopter drop your stuff in. Sure NFS wouldn't want you cutting any kind of trail in.
#22166 by alaskaflounder
Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:23 am
More on subject:

This is pretty much the story I had heard. Remember snickering at the 35% of the gold you find on top of $3500 cash application fee for the "privilege" of going on their unproven claims. But I guess some people went for it anyway.

MEG - did you know these were the same guys who had the run in with the FS? Seems wierd that you comment on thier problems on 49ermike yet bring thier same woes here.
#31699 by xjbeard62
Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:23 pm
35%? wow seems he's trying to run a PONZI SCHEME to me the real funny thing is that there is NO info to be found about him. if there are any others that have had dealings with this guy pls let me know, I've got a gob of bucks to spend and am looking for something that I can do with all my spare time, I cant get any info from BLM about his problems with them. For me, this is my last hurrah and I plan on doing this till I die, I was hoping to find a partner to share the workload,

This guy is kinda scary, mostly because even with a background check very little comes up that is relevant to mining. IVe tried to get info from GPAA about him and or his sale of claims to them, nobody has gotten back to me as of yet

thanks Dean
ps if you are interested in talking to me about partnering up pls call me at 707-46-4788 (temp number) until I get back to my home Oregon I will be buying all the equipment that I need when my ptsd settlement comes in, and I'm in need of some knowledge and info, in other words I'm going all in lol

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