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Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:01 pm
I remember the Patriot Movement back in the 1980's, and the 7 [secret] letters declaring a US citizen's [patriot] sovereign rights, renouncing their social security numbers, licenses, etc.
Regan's Supreme Court never addressed their efforts since the [in]Justice Department (aided and abetted by IRS agents) intimidated the hell out of most of those who went to the expense of legally recording these letters and even tried [in vain] to get their US Congressman and US Senators involved.
The legislature in the State of Washington passed a resolution validating Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution, a point often raised by these patriots as well as the majority of amendments contained in the original Bill of Rights pertaining to due process.
Barry Obama's most recent televised show ( aka: prayer) was a travesty, if not outright sacrilege. His remarks were meant to show his political cohorts there is a need for isolation from the constituency (aka: general public).
Did you catch Bill Mahr's previous evening's appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show where he called the studio audience "idiots" since they didn't appreciate his left wing point of view, or with his atheistic leanings?
Even Jay Leno, supposedly a good friend of Bill Mahr, was chagrined by Mahr's contemptible remarks.
The powers that be are afraid, very afraid! When they get to talking this way, magnanimity and goodwill toward the rest of us are soon forgotten or "driven into the ditch" as Obama put it. (I'm quoting his presidential campaign rhetoric of 2008)


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Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:56 pm
Breaking down my 1st post on this thread:


ClickTheYellowChick wrote:Revisiting the topic of the newly issued Republic IDs and Travel Warrant, I would again like to emphasize the word "process" which I tried to introduce early into this discussion.

For whatever reason -- in this gotta know everything about everybody else's business 24/7/365 -- this modern society has been busy for the last 16 decades (since 1861) trying to make boxes, and fit everyone into a box, category, genre, race, age group, creed, etc.

And with the advent of electronic digitization, it is now easier, quicker, and even more invasive to pigeonhole and categorize and locate, and track all of us.

This "invasive we gotta know our individual business" is one of the ways we've lost our SENSE of freedom. We have quite literally FORFEITED our freedom to be, to go and come, and to do so when and where and why.

Have any ever asked themselves, when did this happen and why?

Returning to the reality of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC set forth above, one could quite accurately compare this accumulation of personal information and stereotyping all of us as "corporation Quality Control." Sick to think about it in that way, it is revolting once one stops to consider the accuracy of that allegorical reference.

Protesting that "one is not a unit or asset or product of" the corporation is not sufficient. Protesting complete with magic marker, cardboard stapled on a piece of lathe, and showing up waving the homemade slogan sign at some appointed event to "rally" --tea-party or not-- is obviously not sufficient.

So, the question becomes, how did I become a part of the corporation? I don't remember consenting to this!!! It wasn't My Fault that Lincoln had this bright idea when he couldn't get the lawful Congress back into session in 1861 after the South walked out.

All this is accurate. HOWEVER, this realization and questioning point is where the concept of Adhesion Contracts enter into the discussion. The "how one becomes a citizen" -- without their consent -- and becomes a part of the corporate structure--resulting in ever more invasive information gathering and human asset quality controls, is exactly where this discussion next moves to.

This all feeds into the Republic IDs, Travel Warrant, and soon to be Republic Passport issuance brought to the consciousness of the readership of this forum.
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Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:03 pm
Breaking down my 1st post on this thread:


ClickTheYellowChick wrote:Revisiting the topic of the newly issued Republic IDs and Travel Warrant, I would again like to emphasize the word "process" which I tried to introduce early into this discussion.

Continuing the requested "break it down" effort, and having set forth the objective as to understand the "giving of official and proper notice" using the very NCIC 5000 agency system itself as the vehicle for issuing said "notice"...let's take a few moments to kick around how we became non-voluntary "assets of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., " and thus subjected and yanked around by the invasive tracking and quality control of the board of directors and whimsical Presidential Orders and Executive Orders cumulatively numbering in the multiple thousands at this point.

In simplest terms, the basic requirement of IDs is to differentiate the holder from all other classes, name the group. GPAA has an ID. The Masonic Order has an ID. The LDMA has an ID. Even the Church/Synagogue in most instances has an "identifying record" of some sort. The concept of IDs is not a scary concept.

However, for some reason, an individual examination as to "how did I arrive at being under the control of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC legally classified and controlled as a PERSON, a CITIZEN" NEVER dawned on most of us. It certainly never dawned on me. I thought I was a citizen by having been born here.


OBAMA as a CEO of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC is a CITIZEN by choice, not by birth, or so the ongoing "birther" discussion ebbs and flows.

I don't remember choosing to be a citizen. Do you? SO if I didn't chose to become one, then who did and when did "they do it?" And HOW did they make me a citizen before I could give informed consent?

Now enters the Marriage License contract. And the Birth Certificate contract. And the solicitation for and acceptance of the Social Security Identification number contract. And the (fill in the blank............. ) license and that license and the other license required over there, and this one over here in this corner. These are examples of adhesion contracts. And the first 3 are the ONLY ways one is "coerced" into becoming a corporate asset of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

As one peels back the curtain to see where "enrollment into the corporation and becoming part of the strangulating corporate asset class subjected to ever more tracking and quality control" is brought to the doorstep of "ADHESION CONTRACTS."

One definition found by googling is: "A type of contract, a legally binding agreement between two parties to do a certain thing, in which one side has all the bargaining power and uses it to write the contract primarily to his or her advantage.

An example of an adhesion contract is a standardized contract form that offers goods or services to consumers on essentially a "take it or leave it" basis without giving consumers realistic opportunities to negotiate terms that would benefit their interests. When this occurs, the consumer cannot obtain the desired product or service unless he or she acquiesces to the form contract."

Another Google link declares: "n. a term used in contract law adhesion contract is a contract between two unequal bargaining partners and does not allow for negotiation. It can be thought of as take it or leave it kind of contract where one party is tied down to accept whatever terms of conditions are put forth by the other powerful party."

NO one quibbles about the existence of these adhesion contracts, and in some instances, their existence is claimed to facilitate commerce. However, one must ask oneself the following questions:

Was I advised of my right to NOT secure a birth certificate?
Was I advised of my options to NOT register for a social security number?
Was I advised of the pros and cons of purchasing a marriage license?
As a young male citizen in the USA, was I advised of any options to not register with the military?

And on it goes.

We individually become a party to adhesion contracts without our consent and without full disclosure on the party with the "unequal interest." Heck, it isn't even our own "lawful money" that is used for "consideration" in order to enter into such contracts. Why does this happen?

And more importantly, is there a way to void adhesion contracts undertaken without my consent or without full disclosure?

Has there ever been such a way devised?

How did births, and marriages and..... occur and get community recognition prior to 1871 filing of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC., filing documents in Delaware???
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Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:50 pm
Breaking down my 1st post on this thread:


ClickTheYellowChick wrote: Revisiting the topic of the newly issued Republic IDs and Travel Warrant, I would again like to emphasize the word "process" which I tried to introduce early into this discussion.

As one's awareness increases with each stolen freedom to: (fill in the blank.....) or exercises their right to the pursuit of happiness, one begins to look around to see if there is life OUTSIDE OF the non-voluntary conscription if you please, a.k.a., entanglement with and into the unlawful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation.

Are there any individuals or groups?

Who are they?

How did they "escape" invasive conscription? Indentured servitude? Ever encroaching and strangling restriction? Be subjected to even theft of RIGHTS granted by the Creator?

If "they" don't belong, how did they not get enrolled? Or how did they become "un-enrolled?" What are the pros and cons of claiming to be a non-PERSONS as defined by 28 USC? How can a current PERSON/CITIZEN not by choice UNDO said adhesion contracts now who no longer wants to be a part of the CORPORATION MAYHEM and CRUSHING DEBT?


1) Native American claim and ID
2) Amish American claim and ID
3) Foreign Citizenship claim and ID
4) Diplomatic claim and ID
5) RESTORED REPUBLIC of the united STATES OF AMERICA informed consent and application to join, with IDs and Travel Warrant

Four of the above litany are not available to many reading these words. The Fifth one has just NOW become available. That's why I've addressed this topic. And it came up as this and other forum participants struggle with the latest Land Grab, this time Obama admin initiated.

One of the pros for exploring the viability of option 5 is the Creator Endowed Unalienable Right to Human Movement "on the land." And not just on land, but also on the seas and through the air. These are also unalienable rights guaranteed by our founders. Bless'em!!
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Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:52 pm
Breaking down my 1st post on this thread:


ClickTheYellowChick wrote: Revisiting the topic of the newly issued Republic IDs and Travel Warrant, I would again like to emphasize the word "process" which I tried to introduce early into this discussion.

To understand the choice before us all that truly has never been available to us "PERSONS" before who want out, one has to ask themselves, "where has the Republic been all this time?"

Did it "go away" when Lincoln dreamed up and initially sketch out the corporation ruse?

The corporation is a SYTHENTIC, a FACSIMILE government in America. Those are the two most fitting descriptors I can best use to convey what I'm trying to say.

The Republic is the GENUINE government in America and has been laying dormant for over 16 decades.

The Republic has been laying up on a shelf, placed there by Lincoln, and unlawfully fleshed out and filed after his assassination, gathering dust from neglect and lack of courage to re-inhabit. Even lacking of a workable Process to re-inhabit. Said process has to be lawful, implemented quietly and logically, and done without fomenting civil unrest and horrific bloodshed.

The good news is THE REPUBLIC IS BACK. It is no longer on the shelf.

The Constitution lives and breathes again. The Constitution and the first 13 Amendments (yes, Virginia lawfully ratified the original 13th Amendment, which is different than the 13th Amendment read just this week at Boehner's behest in the INCORPORATED HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES)....these treasured Founder's Documents, including our beloved Declaration of Independence are now resuscitated and reviving We, the People upon the land, by God's Help and Protection.

As more time passes, the remarkable story of the 3rd Continental Congress just concluded in December 2010, in Utah will be revealed in a very public manner. The papers from that historic live event will be on display, and laid out on the net and elsewhere for examination and study. The interim President, James Timothy Turner, will be publically introduced to all who will listen. And shortly, the one supreme Court of the lawfully re-inhabited Republic will be hearing their first set of jural body sent up bill (vs. no bill findings) cases. Examining for errors and then enforcing the findings of the jural body --- yes, when necessary by issuing lawful orders to enforce by the assistance of the US Military. It is anticipated that some of the earliest jural body "Bill" findings will deal with old treaties that need to be disavowed and set aside.

This is a great time to be alive, and to recognize the renewal of hope and the long awaited untangling and reversal of stolen liberty and unfettering of unalienable rights Endowed by our Creator.
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Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:53 pm
Breaking down my 1st post on this thread:


ClickTheYellowChick wrote: Revisiting the topic of the newly issued Republic IDs and Travel Warrant, I would again like to emphasize the word "process" which I tried to introduce early into this discussion.

Since the Creator Endowed Unalienable Right to Freedom of Movement is a founding tenet of our nation, a process has been devised, in full light of day, with the support of the FBI and the Dept of Justice. That process has been to create, vet, and announce via issuing simultaneous 'notice' using the NCIC database, the Restored Republic for the united States of America Travel Warrant.

As you view it below (front and back) you will notice its issuance is not by a person, and not by an organization. It is being issued by the De Jure and Lawful Restored Republic for the united States of America government. Yes, I said "government." That's huge!

It needs to be understood, and has recently even been underscored in a recent legal ruling within the CORPORATION of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, that there is a license requirement to DRIVE.

To DRIVE is different than to TRAVEL, which is a divine, natural law right which we all possess who are created ambulatory. That DRIVERS' LICENSE issuance financially benefits the STATE. It is issued by the STATE. It is enforceable by the STATE STATUTES.

It's not semantics. DRIVE vs TRAVEL....the definition is one of a major difference.

Now, I understand why the earlier 'sovereign movements' about which I've read but never paid much attention to, were so hung up on STATE ISSUED DRIVERS' LICENSURE. No one in my youth to current adulthood had ever explained to me before just recently, that the LEGAL definition of TRAVEL is markedly different than the LEGAL definition of DRIVE.

Turns out, the difference is this: PROFIT. DRIVING is a "profit related" activity. Traveling is not.

Those who are CORPORATION STATE licensed to DRIVE do so motivated by desire to PROFIT monetarily from performing said activity, and by getting licensed to perform it. Performing DRIVING intersects with laws, regulations, statutes and limitation, which NOT coincidentially, generates fee income to the CORPORATION STATE. That definition is the deciding factor of who are those who do NOT need CORPORATION STATE written permission to TRAVEL, move around, without profit motivation.

After thinking about this for a few weeks, I now understand this is more than a semantical difference. It is more than "splitting hairs." It is way, WAY more!

And this is where it impacts our rights to move around on our land, and on our seas, and through our air. And this directly feeds into the freedom to fish, hunt, explore, dig rocks, move rocks, collect rocks, birdwatch, snorkel, snowmobile, skydive, surf, sailboard, and the list goes on.

With the newly Restored Republic for the united States of America issuing recognized and legally supported National and State IDs plus the Travel Warrant, there is now very real progress toward unshackling ourselves from the strangulating cuffs of a NON-Benevolent CORPORATION who considers us assets, and chattel for unspeakable debt. WE NOW HAVE A PROCESS. WE'VE NOW GIVEN NOTICE.

I'll return with an image of the Republic Travel Warrant and the 2 Republic IDs for your review. That way, when you see one or hear of one, you have something visual to refer to for your own sakes.
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Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:15 pm
Supportive Verbiage:

The Republic (State) Travel Warrant:

Officially Recognized Sovereign Republic (State) Travel Warrants ~
Authorized by the Republic for the united States of America

The American National Identification Warrant, Republic (State) Citizen Identification Warrant, and Republic (State) Travel Warrant are the only government credentials OFFICIALLY recognized, authorized and issued by the Republic for the united States of America de jure government and respective free states. These credentials have been approved for production solely through the Bureau of Republic Records, and under order of the Executive Branch of the de jure government. These credentials were established to ensure the recognition of your declaration of sovereign rights as an American National and free state Citizen. They are enforceable and offer Legal and Lawful remedy along with jurisdiction to all commercial law enforcement agents, by and through the established Republic for the united States of America de jure government and the free states for which it stands. These are the same identity document credentials that were registered, proclaimed and declared to the International Court of Justice (The Hague), the United Nations (The UN), and the Universal Postal Union (The UPU) as an official representation of an American National credential. They are to be recognized and respected by the international community and any unlawful reproduction of the American National Identification Warrants outside of the Bureau of Republic Records is considered as theft. It is an offense that is punishable, and may be tried under common law in the district courts of the Republic for the united States of America.


EDIT: images seem to be playing "now you see'em, now you don't" but the copy/paste link still works. I don't understand, why sometimes it can be seen and sometimes not.
Look here if you can't se them:
...Scrolling over any of the 3 images, makes the backside visible. Also, below each of the 3 images is a blue line of small type which is clickable. Clicking will open a much easier to see, larger image and readable type.



ADDITIONAL official Information on
State Citizen Travel Warrant Cards:

The Republic for the united States of America is in the process of notifying all the Police and Sheriffs nationwide that WE THE PEOPLE have awakened from our slumber; that WE THE PEOPLE genuine real Americans that love God and Country and one another are back again and we have a new State Citizen Travel Warrant Card they can expect from our people and instructions in how to treat the state Citizens of the newly established Republic that carry these for travel purposes.

These State Citizen Travel Warrants do work because they contain a very powerful message and they contain a guarantee of your law form. They are not an ID. They are travel warrant. The warrant is guaranteed by our law and courts that you are who you say you are and no one can accuse you for carrying a fraudulent ID or license.

The problem with many people in the patriotic movement today is the disease of self. I and ME and MINE. God is the Sovereign and we are created in his image and together as a free people we are a nation of sovereigns. Where most sovereigns get it wrong is for example, you as an individual sovereign are only sovereign as long as you can keep it. If you get arrested you have lost your sovereignty.

If you are traveling on the road as an individual sovereign your protection is only as far as you can shoot and only for as long as you can shoot.That is not very good protection. If an officer arrests you for speeding or for any other reason you have lost and are a victim which has succumbed to the law of CONQUER and CONQUEST. The game is over for you.The moment you are arrested you have lost your sovereignty. The Indians lost their country by the law of CONQUER and CONQUEST. They were sovereigns individually and could not keep their sovereignty.

State Citizenship is the answer. The Declaration of Independence established the Republic or the free state. Being a Citizen of the free state which you yourself delegated power to create is a very good thing and is the answer in getting back our country. There is nothing wrong with being a Citizen of something that you yourself delegated sovereign power to create. This is actually a very good thing and is the answer to winning the battle against the law of CONQUER and CONQUEST.

These travel warrants are one of the most powerful cards you can carry regarding your right to travel. They are well-done and have a bar code strip so they can be read from scanners. They contain your personnel information as well as identify you as a Citizen of the free state you live in per the Declaration of Independence.

They identify you as a state Citizen with a Constitutional law form. This is a completely different issue to deal with then claiming individual sovereignty as a traveler. A state Citizen in jurisdiction of Constitutional law and traveling under the protection of the guarantee of lawful remedy is not so easily conquered as a sovereign individual all by himself.

On the back side the backside contains the warrant guarantee, meaning that it specifies your law jurisdiction and the law will guarantee through the Article III Courts equity relief for those that you harm and also those that harm you. This is a win win situation for all.

The card also contains a phone number the officials can call to verify you and to report any wrongs you may have committed so that he can be assured Constitutional law will take care of the issue since he does not operate in your law jurisdiction.

The card also specifies you as a state Citizen NON CAPITAL and NOT BONDED. This means there is no commercial money game involved with you therefore little interest should be exhibited by anyone to cite you. NOT LICENSED means that you are traveling by right and not by privilege. NON COMMERCIAL means that you are not in the jurisdiction of commercial policies.NON RESIDENT means that you are actually domiciled in your state and not somewhere else such as Corporate DC. LAWFUL TRAVELER means that you abide by the law and are subject to your law form which means there is remedy if you hurt someone and also remedy if someone harms you. NOT UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER means that you are under positive law by the Constitution. PROTECTED BY LAW means that the court will protect you with the law. FREE means that you are an individual in one of the free united States.

The steps in being eligible to receive the State Citizen Travel Warrant are as follows:

Sign the Declaration of Sovereign Rights held by Indigenous Power

Sign the Jural Covenant

In One People Assembly sign the County Settlement Constitution

Sign the state Constitution

Your Declaration of Sovereign Rights held by Indigenous Power needs to be send to your state Governors office or such office he designates to handle records, where it will be sealed and embossed with the state Governors seal and file it into the Republic Records database electronically where it will be kept privately available for verification of your identity when called into question. The original sealed copy will be returned to you for your records. The Republic Records record keeper will verify your Declaration of Sovereign Rights held by Indigenous Power in the Republics Records for the printer of the State citizen Travel Warrant and Identification Warrant before they are printed and send to you.
#13879 by rockchuk
Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:27 am
wow - a lot of info to go over.....question, who have tried using these cards and what was the result? I recall something similar in the 90's but it seemed to draw a lot of attention to the person as a 'troublemaker'. They did not have any card but rather made a verbal declaration to the law and court. It threw the judge for a loop...for awhile...but the end result was the person eventually stopped using this route as the hassle was too great. It took all their time and effort and considerable expense. ANd this was simply trying to defend a traffic ticket as a 'free and sovereign citizen', making the argument that therefore the court did not apply to them. Is what you're talking about an evolution from that?

So again, do you know if anyone has used these cards and what was the result?

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